Use cases


Simple, yet powerful cloud software that supports the digital transformation of your organization

Project setup

Launch challenges, campaigns and projects to support your company goals. Describe your project, upload pictures, include videos, and encourage engagement by rewarding the best idea with a price. Set up the project your way and customize fields for a general overview or down to the smallest detail

Idea submission

Collect ideas, suggestions or best practices from various user groups: employees, customers, suppliers or other partners. Let users register, e.g. via Single Sign On, or post an idea anonymously through a public form. Define the template for each project so that you collect the exact information that you need

Idea Overview

Share the data you have collected and enable your team to quickly find relevant information and add their knowledge and opinion. Existing entries can be found by an advanced search, filtered by categories, or sorted by traction. Users can follow and share entries to stay up to date and access them easily in their personal view

Project process

Accelerate your workflow - set up your process stages and define tasks along the way to align your team; get things done and track the overall progress. Stay informed on your projects’ process and milestones

Entry workflow

Collaborate together and detail entries in every process step. Starting with a picture taken on the go to a fully detailed and quantified concept which has been evaluated by experts


Fast execution requires fast decision making - along your process, assign the right experts to evaluate ideas in their field of expertise and assign decision makers to quickly agree on next steps and resource allocation

Mobile app (iOS and Android)

Submitting ideas on the go - users who are away from their desk, e.g. in sales or production, value the mobile app which allows access to all core features directly from the home screen of their phone

More Features

Cloud solution

  • Ready for immediate use (web-based)
  • Responsive design (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Free and regular updates
  • Easily scalable, unlimited projects and entries
  • Maximum data security

Access and user management

  • Single Sign On and directory services
  • Two factor authentication
  • Access management with differentiated roles for administrators, project managers, users and guests
  • Admin control
  • Expert group functionality
  • Public form to collect ideas from not registered users


  • Customizable process, entry form, fields, evaluation criteria
  • Multi-lingual
  • Customizable colors and logos

Entry function

  • Entry collection
  • Smart search functionality
  • Entry sorting and filtering
  • Sharing, liking and following of entries
  • Commenting
  • Highlighting function
  • Conditional logic of entries
  • Linking of entries
  • Upload of pictures and attachments
  • Location field / Geotagging

Process, task and resource management

  • Customizable process functionality
  • Milestone setting
  • Evaluation according to own criteria
  • Approval processes
  • Expertise profiles

Information management, dashboards and exports

  • News feed
  • Activity tracking
  • Customized email newsletter
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Export to pdf and excel