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Intrapreneurs: From Employee Idea to Solution in Three Steps

Today, digital transformation is a familiar concept to most companies, whether large, medium or small. In a recent study, Deloitte found that 44% of all companies are already actively working to integrate digital transformation into their corporate culture and make the most of it. Many managers and executives face the challenge of building a culture that allows employees to experiment without the risk of making mistakes. This is a precondition to develop new ideas quickly and agilely in the digital world. IdeaFox, an innovation platform, offers the necessary support. IdeaFox enables the agile and efficient generation, evaluation and implementation of ideas and projects in an easy-to-use environment, as well as transparent project overview and individualization of the work steps. 

Some companies have already shown that there are different approaches to develop innovations. In addition to accelerator programs and incubators as well as investment activities, their own employees offer a valuable source of ideas. Turning your employees into "intrapreneurs" not only conserves resources, but also promotes employee loyalty. Employees perceive the company's entire value chain on a daily basis and can thus contribute customer experience and product suggestions better and faster. With IdeaFox, it is easy to involve your employees in the development of new digital products across the entire value chain. 

IdeaFox offers a pragmatic, agile and fast entry into the world of innovation in just three steps.

Step 1: Setting up the Innovation Funnel in IdeaFox 

In just a few clicks, you can create your very own stage gate process in your IdeaFox environment. This allows you to subdivide ideas and projects into different phases in order to work efficiently on ideas. 

In the first phase all ideas can be collected. There, the necessary information for each idea is stored in profiles (e.g. problem and solution description). After reviewing and evaluating the ideas, they are forwarded to the next phase. 

Step 2: Familiarize employees with the new tool

Due to the high customizability of the software, every company can use its own designs, colors and logos, and above all, protect their data and ideas. Employees are invited to use the software via their e-mail address and can create their profile within a few minutes. A short profile description makes it easy to put together project teams. 

Our developers attach great importance to developing IdeaFox as intuitively as possible. From our experience, there is no need for intensive staff training. Instead, they are regularly informed by e-mail about their projects and changes and can quickly find their way into the tool through the overview. 

Step 3: Agile and efficient development of new products 

The project managers can set up the environment of their project individually. Phases and requirements for the project description can be defined. This enables a uniform project description, which greatly simplifies subsequent evaluation and transparent communication. 

Once an idea or project has been created in the first phase, the intrapreneurs can assemble project teams and add them to the project. In this way, exchange and communication can be implemented digitally in the individual projects. This simplifies teamwork across different company locations.

IdeaFox is the ideal project and innovation tool that makes the development of new products and projects faster, more efficient and more agile through transparent communication, central control and intuitive usability.