Use cases

Innovation Management and Best Practice Sharing at Voith Paper

IdeaFox is an innovative cloud software that adapts to a company's specific innovation processes and optimizes the management of its business processes. In globally operating companies such as Voith, the software plays an important role with its two main application areas innovation management and process improvement. As a central knowledge database, it provides employees with valuable specialist knowledge, optimizes and accelerates digital cooperation between all relevant stakeholders and promotes transparent communication. With IdeaFox, the company received a powerful software that specifically supports the company's Operational Excellence department and Product Development.

IdeaFox Successfully Used at Voith

For the global technology group, innovative ideas in product development and continuous improvement processes are vital. This requires close cooperation between the individual participants, high availability of specialist knowledge, and transparent communication. According to Michael Rendsburg, Chief Operating Officer of Voith Paper FRS, the implementation of the powerful IdeaFox cloud software provides Voith with optimal support for innovation processes within product development and the continuous improvement of daily processes.

IdeaFox has played an important role for Voith as an exchange platform. After all, there are now 1900 active users from 40 locations worldwide, who communicate via the platform and exchange information on a wide variety of technical topics. Currently, more than 20 projects from different functions are handled via the platform, and one third of all users are regularly active.  Its’ high degree of utilization showcases just how effective and convenient the platform truly is.

The platform is highly attractive as a communication tool for the global branches of the group, as it allows central departments and other locations to share ideas and collaborate. The software solution is used for a wide variety of initiatives: conferences are prepared and followed up, cross-divisional information exchange is organized, ideas are collected and jointly implemented, and much more.

Innovations for Product Development

IdeaFox is the voice of the employees in Product Development, and thus, Voith's innovation platform. Regular challenges are held to generate innovative solution ideas for Product Development from all areas of the company. Calls to special topics or the integrated "Idea Funnel", are also very popular with employees. By providing a user-friendly and intuitive platform, the company uses the creativity of its employees to find high-quality solutions for new technologies and products.

Timo Kalefe, from Innovation Management, and his colleagues, benefit from IdeaFox. He views the advantage of the solution from a holistic approach, as the platform allows him to collect product and service innovations from as many internal stakeholders as possible by involving all employees in the process in simple and effective way.

Improving processes through Operational Excellence

In addition to the innovation process, IdeaFox is also used in the company's Operational Excellence area. Employees from 40 locations worldwide work together on the platform and exchange ideas and suggestions for improvement. This applies to areas such as work organization, production methods, and occupational safety. 

Experts can also be found in the software: employees that store their knowledge and expertise can be easily contacted and involved in the implementation of ideas. The platform has continuously met the company's high requirements for improvement and has been able to support Voith in realizing significant savings.

In the eyes of Michael Fähnle, Director of Smart Manufacturing at Voith Paper FRS, IdeaFox is an efficient form of active and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas across departments around the globe. The intuitive operation without time-consuming instruction, the fast on-boarding and the high flexibility are particularly helpful for those responsible at Voith.

Advantages in all areas

The implementation of IdeaFox was a successful decision for Voith. In addition to comprehensive idea and innovation management, supplemented by highly efficient best practice sharing, the solution represents an important and, above all, easy-to-use link between the global locations. According to Michael Fähnle, hardly any other software solution is as easy to use. Take out your mobile phone, open IdeaFox, take a picture and off you go!